Posts from November 2013

  • 12th November 2013
Engaging the next generation at Dines Green Primary School ‘Aspirations Week’

On Monday 11th November Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service visited Dines Green Primary School as part of their ‘Aspirations Week’. ‘Aspirations Week’ encourages the children to think about their hopes and dreams for the future and gives them the opportunity to meet people who work in a variety of different professions, including Emily the Archaeologist....

  • 8th November 2013
Gunpowder, treason and plot and the Lytteltons

Remember, Remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot: I know of no reason Why the gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! There are various versions of this traditional folk verse.  This short excerpt dated c1870 is taken from the poem of the week website Habing, B (2006, November 3) The Fifth of...

  • 8th November 2013
An introduction to the Lyttelton project and the Manorial Documents Register project

Two new projects have recently been launched in Worcestershire Archive Service thanks to the securing of external funding. Maggie Tohill will be leading the project on the Lyttelton collection and Bethany Hamblen will be leading the Manorial Documents Register project. Here they both introduce you to their respective projects: An introduction to the Lyttelton collection...

  • 1st November 2013
Stories, fire and muddy hands – Iron Age Storytelling

Children recently entered the world of the Iron Age in an exciting event we recently organised which combined traditional British stories with hands on history and archaeology to bring the past to life. It was organised as part of the University of Worcester’s Beeline Storytelling Festival and we invited schools from the local area whose...