Archaeological information and advice

For family historians

Once you know that a relative lived in Worcestershire, you may be interested in the landscape that surrounded them and the town, village, hamlet or farmstead they lived in. What was the history of the church your ancestors were baptised, married or buried in? What did it look like in the past and what does it look like now?

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For developers

The Historic Environment Advisory Service has a range of resources, toolkits and evidence bases that we use to support the integration of the historic environment into development management in Worcestershire. We also have a range of charged services, including Historic Environment Record searches and planning support, and are able to respond quickly.

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For parish & neighbourhood plans

Neighbourhood Development Plans are part of the planning system. The plan enables your community to promote what is special and distinctive about your neighbourhood. They are powerful tools to ensure the delivery of sustainable development that respects local character and fits your community.

We can help parish councils, town councils and neighbourhood forums to develop robust Neighbourhood Development Plans. We help to identify where and how sustainable development can most effectively:

    • Protect, restore and enhance biodiversity
    • Protect and enhance the setting of historic environment assets
    • Protect against the impact of flooding.

Evidence gathering can be difficult, but we can help to make the best use of limited time and resources ensuring that your plan is not challenged at the examination stage. For a competitive fee, we provide you with the information, evidence and advice you need to formulate your policies. Get in touch via for more information.

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Your place matters

Learn how to inspire and guide future change with our free toolkit for community groups, non-heritage professionals and researchers. Developed in partnership with Historic England, ‘Your place matters’ covers community planning for the future of rural buildings in their setting, helping to to shape the scale, style, form and location of new development, as well as identify opportunities presented by the natural and historic environment.

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