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  • 24th July 2021
Three Choirs Festival in our Collections

The Three Choirs Festival is the longest running non-competitive classical music festival in the world. Rotating between the English cathedral cities of Worcester, Hereford, and Gloucester, the festival hosts an annual, week-long, summer programme of concerts and services, with an accompanying fringe programme. We’ve had a look in our collections to share some of the...

  • 17th July 2021
Charter 400 Competition

As part of the Worcester Charter 400 celebrations, we are supporting, there are special essay competitions. Inspired by the 1621 Charter, held in the archives, there are categories for children and adults.

  • 16th July 2021
FOTM – June 2021

Find Of The Month is actually finds of the month Two polished stone axe heads found on the same site On one of our regular sites in Staffordshire, our archaeologists found not just one, but two Neolithic polished stone axe heads. It is not that common to find one on a site, so finding two is...

  • 15th July 2021
Worcestershire Electoral Registers and Updates to Absent Voters Lists

We are pleased to announce electoral register indexes covering 1837-1974 are live on Ancestry at Worcestershire Electoral Registers, 1837-1974 | Ancestry®  They have been created using text recognition software, rather than being transcribed. These registers can help place your ancestors in a particular location and possibly also reveal some details about property they owned. Ancestry...

  • 11th July 2021
Edgar Wheeler – Market Gardener and Football Reporter

A local football story was uncovered during the Market Gardening Heritage Project, whilst going through one of the hovels which is being restored as part of the project. The hovel’s contents, which had been left behind by Edgar Wheeler after he died in the 1990s, included report sheets for the Evesham Journal, for whom he sent match reports, as well as his gardening tools and paperwork.

  • 6th July 2021
Bīskapa Kopiju Projekta

Read this in English 2020 gada Jūlija beigās man tika dots uzdevums atbalstīt ‘’Bīskapa Kopiju’’ projekta fotogrāfi, kura mums ir pievienojusies uz noteiktu laiku kurā tiek fotografēti šī projekta dokumenti, kas būs pieejami Ancestry mājaslapā. Satiekot Agnesi es saklausiju viņas Eiropas akcentu. Man kā Holandieša mazbērnam , kas tā arī nekad neiepazina savu vectēvu, es...

  • 6th July 2021
Digitising the Bishops Transcripts

Izlasi to angļu valodā At the end of July 2020, I was asked to support the work of our Bishops Transcripts (BTs) photographer who would be joining us temporarily to digitise them, ready to go onto the Ancestry website. Digitising the Bishop’s Transcripts is a huge step forward for records of the Worcester Diocese, making these...

  • 25th June 2021
Reopening News: June Update Extra

Archives We are delighted to announce that from Tuesday 29th June we will be extending our offer to customers visiting the archives.   So what has changed?   Our original archive area will now be open from Tues-Fri from 10.30-15:30 by appointment, however there will no longer be a requirement to book your documents in...

  • 23rd June 2021
Worcestershire Research Framework for the Historic Environment

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service are pleased to announce a new website for the Worcestershire Research Framework for the Historic Environment. What is a research framework? Research Frameworks help identify gaps in our knowledge and suggest questions to fill those gaps. They help to co-ordinate and focus research and projects. Archaeological Research Frameworks can cover...

  • 20th June 2021
Researching Beyond the Census for Father’s Day

Family history research can take you beyond the census, via newspapers, and into the original archives. One of our staff researching her great-great-grandfather in Worcester discovered he built some important local buildings, including the now demolished Worcester Dispensary. His name shows up on building plans and in his church cashbook, as he kept himself busy.