Posts from July 2015

  • 30th July 2015
Gilbert Talbot and Toc House

One of the most frequently visited graves in Sanctuary Wood British Cemetery is that of Lieutenant Gilbert Talbot.  Gilbert served with the 7th Rifle Brigade and was killed at Hooge (Ypres Salient) 100 years ago, leading his men during a counter attack.  Gilbert Talbot his life in brief Picture of Gilbert Talbot from his mother’s...

  • 16th July 2015
Training by the trainee

Sarah is our Skills for the Future trainee on a 15 month placement here at Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.  We introduced Sarah back in December 2014, and in April she blogged about the Infirmary Workshop she was creating, which went really well – but what else has she been up to? This has been an...

  • 13th July 2015
Explore The Past: Bromsgrove, People & Places

The Sound Domes on Level 2 at The Hive contain clips of oral history interviews, edited by Julia Letts, that are activated to play out when people walk underneath them. The Domes have recently been updated to include new excerpts from interviews about Bromsgrove. As part of the District Council’s Townscape Heritage Initiative, Worcestershire Archive and...

  • 7th July 2015
Now booking: Behind the Scenes tours at Explore the Past

Late 16th Century German stoneware jar The annual Festival of British Archaeology is about to start, and as part of this we are offering another of our Behind the Scenes tours here at Explore the Past, where you will be able to go into our Finds Room and handle a selection of artefacts discovered in the...

  • 3rd July 2015
Stray gnashers in the archives

Today we bring you another post inspired by the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo. A story which has been picked up elsewhere is the somewhat grisly one about ‘Waterloo teeth’, which serves as a stark reminder of just how far we have come with dental practices today. The story goes that in response to...