Why Donate to Explore the Past?

Donations and grants are very important to us, helping us to enhance the services and activities we deliver. In this we are supported by the Friends of Worcestershire Archives, who collect donations on our behalf.

We think it’s important donations are used to do something special for Worcestershire and therefore donations go towards supporting activities we would not otherwise be able to finance.

Donations can be used to:

  • Help us to bring history to life by supporting workshops, events and activities for all ages. Archive and archaeology resources such as this are vital for telling the stories of our people and our landscape. Your donation will help us to share these stories with the community.
  • Allow us to conserve more archives so they can be valued and enjoyed by future generations. Sadly, some documents are in a poor condition either through their age, improper handling or inadequate storage. Donations help us to conserve or digitise these fragile items, preserving them for the future.
  • Make our collections and information more accessible so that everyone can explore their past and the story of where they live. Donations can help us to undertake more cataloguing, so everyone can discover what we hold and how it can be accessed. Digitisation will make our archive and archaeology collections available to a world-wide audience.

Donate now to support archive and archaeology services in Worcestershire

Your gift will give us the financial support we need to assist with our ongoing work to conserve Worcestershire’s history and ensure that it is preserved and accessible for centuries to come.

Be involved in protecting and sharing Worcestershire’s history by making your contribution. Any gift, large or small, will make a difference.