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Archive advice & information

We offer plenty of useful services to help you find what you’re looking for. Our team are experts in the archive collections and in archive research, and we support all aspects of local, family, academic, media and professional research on-site at The Hive as well as via our remote enquiry service.

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Archaeological advice & information

If you are developer or are interested in the landscapes that your ancestors inhabited, our specialist team can provide you with the information in a variety of formats.

Our sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) contains records of everything from Palaeolithic hand axes (up to 200,000 years old) to Cold War bunkers.

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Community engagement & advice

From talks and walks to community excavations, we run a wide range of activities to help people have fun while learning about the past.

We also provide support, guidance and advice to communities and organisations looking for funding for heritage projects, and develop bespoke activities and events.

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Archive collections services

Need help with your personal, business or community archive? We offer advice, conservation and digitisation services.

Our existing clients include other archive and archaeology services, businesses and members of the public, but whoever you are we offer specialist advice including how to bid for funds to support your work.

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Worcestershire Archaeology

We provide customer-focussed commercial archaeological services throughout the UK and are always happy to talk about potential projects.

Our work includes the management and delivery of a wide range of archaeological projects from inception to publication, led by our team of specialists in fieldwork, post-excavation, finds and environmental analysis and illustration.

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