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Worcestershire Archaeology is committed to advancing archaeological understanding. In addition to producing academic publications we have pioneered innovative techniques and resources, for example our internationally acclaimed online ceramic database.

We specialise in working with academics, other commercial archaeological organisations and museum archaeologists to design and pilot academically robust and cost effective solutions to issues facing modern British archaeology – from Aggregate Resource Assessments and developing the enhanced COSMIC+ methodology to making historic excavation archives accessible.



Our in-house specialists have published extensively, and are actively involved in professional forums aimed at establishing future policy and best practice. Our major excavation reports are available as published monographs, but many of our reports are also available online through our library and Research Report series.


Recent reviews

Clifton Quarry Worcestershire: pits, posts & cereal (Mann & Jackson 2018):

“These thought-provoking discoveries are well discussed, and the clear presentation of the evidence in this report may well encourage alternative readings.” Christopher Hayden, Current Archaeology

Westward on the High-Hilled Plains (Hurst et al 2017):

“If anyone is planning to write a synthesis of British prehistory or lecture on the subject, this volume is mandatory reading”

“…an uplifting introduction… a series of distribution maps that are often eye-opening as to the sheer quantity and variety of material now available for learning about this once poorly understood area of the country” Current Archaeology


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