Worcestershire Archaeology have specialised in the identification and analysis of artefacts for over 30 years. Our experienced team provide specialist analysis and reporting on artefacts recovered during fieldwork, by our own team as well other archaeological organisations.

In the course of carrying out finds work we draw on a wide range of in-house expertise to produce:

  • advice on artefact recovery
  • identification and dating of all types of artefacts
  • assessment reports
  • full post-fieldwork analysis and reporting
  • teaching and outreach activities

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Ceramics Online Database

Our ceramics database was designed to make the complete pottery fabric and form type series for Worcestershire accessible online. The database is aimed at ceramic specialists and students, but can be used by anyone interested in the study of pottery, as it includes simple as well as advanced search facilities.

It contains information on all pottery used and made in Worcestershire from the Neolithic to the early post-medieval period, as well as the most commonly identified later post-medieval and modern fabrics and forms. Also included are high resolution fabric images and concordance information for other type series in surrounding counties.


Finds identification

We recommend that those seeking finds identification for objects found by chance or whilst metal detecting contact the Portable Antiquities Scheme or Museums Worcestershire.

Meet our post-excavation team


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"The finds specialist team always provide RSK with an excellent service, applying their impressive breadth of knowledge and local expertise on assemblages from small scale sites to major collaborations and publication. Their excellent recent work on the beaker assemblage from Aldington Lodge, Evesham, was a huge help and has been well-received." Principal Archaeologist, Engineering & Environmental Consultancy

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