Archive collections services

Cataloguing services

We provide specialist advice to holders of private and community archives, as well as organisations undertaking funded projects with the aim of depositing archives with us. We operate as a commercial service for other archives and members of the public, and are happy to discuss any needs you have.

The quality of our cataloguing has been demonstrated by successful funding applications from the National Archives, the Wellcome Trust and many others. Our archivists follow current internationally recognised standards of cataloguing and description.

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Digitisation services

We have been providing commercial digitisation and microfilming services for over 20 years. Our present team of experienced archival photographers work from a dedicated darkroom facility on-site at The Hive. Client materials are held in our PD 5454:2012-standard environmentally-controlled strongrooms whilst in our care.

Using state-of-the-art photographic equipment, the team produce high-quality digital copies of traditional materials including books, maps, and photographic prints, and analogue forms including 35mm film, slides, and magnetic tape. We are also one of the few organisations to offer a microfilming service.

You’ll be able to receive your digital copies immediately thanks to our online digital download service, and we can also provide your material in various formats on optical disc media, memory sticks or external hard drives.

To find out more, download our digitisation service guide, make an enquiry or give us a call on 01905 766357.

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Conservation services

Our commercial conservation service is run by a professionally qualified conservator with several years’ experience working in archives in the UK. We specialise in the repair and conservation of books, paper, maps, parchment and wax seals. Single volumes can also be re-bound to enhance their preservation.

All work is conducted on site in a fully equipped conservation and repair studio, though assessment visits to your location can be arranged. We can also co-ordinate the collection and delivery of material and while here, your archives will be held in PD5454:2012-standard, environmentally-controlled strongrooms.

All fees are subject to negotiation but are based on an hourly rate plus the costs of materials. Any initial assessment comes free if the work is taken on. Call us on 01905 845791 to discuss your requirements, or make an enquiry.

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Archive storage

We offer commercial archival storage at competitive prices. Our newly-built storage facility at The Hive was designed to the highest level of environmental and security controls, and is fully compliant with storage standards for archival material, including PD 5454:2012. Environmental conditions are monitored regularly by a state of the art Building Management System.

Storage costs are based on a monthly fee per box, with a set-up and withdrawal charge applied. Take a look at our charges for more information.

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Depositor services

All our depositors are important to us. Even after you have placed your archives with us we want you to have an ongoing relationship with them and with us, should you wish to. As a depositor you will be invited to our special events and you’ll have the opportunity to act as an ambassador to other potential depositors in Worcestershire.

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The prioritisation for cataloguing collections will vary depending on resources, but we may be able to buy in additional resources if you are able to assist with funding the cataloguing of a particular collection.

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