Archaeological illustration and survey are central to recording fieldwork, publishing results, presenting analysis and communicating interpretation. The illustrators’ contribution is vital to the whole archaeological process. They present precise technical information about sites and finds, applying the latest technologies, as well as bringing the past to life with reconstructions of archaeological objects, activities, settlements and landscapes.

Our specialist team have backgrounds in commercial and graphic arts, with extensive archaeological experience of all periods. From precisely measured hand drawing to innovative digital output they can offer a full range of archaeological illustration. Their work can be found in numerous national and regional publications.

We can work with you to provide:

  • Site report plans and sections
  • Scientific and technical report graphics
  • Pottery and finds illustration
  • Reconstruction drawing for many types of display styles
  • Publication design and layout
  • Booklets, leaflets and newsletters
  • Displays and exhibitions
  • Educational material

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"Life in the Neolithic … image that is lively, informative and adaptable." Julian Richards, review of Unlocking the Past project

"The inclusion in the book of the illustrations of the material from Wellington Quarry... will, I hope, have service to raise the profile not only of the site at Wellington Quarry itself, but also of the high-quality professional contract work and illustrative skills of the team at Worcestershire Archaeology." For Ray & Thomas (2018) Neolithic Britain: The transformation of social worlds

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