Posts from June 2014

  • 27th June 2014
Treasures from Worcestershire’s Past: ~31~ Field Barns and Outfarms in Worcestershire

This week Emily Hathaway, Historic Environment Countryside Assistant, has chosen Worcestershire’s field barns and outfarms as her Treasure:  The significance of field barns and outfarms in the Yorkshire Dales and Derbyshire is well recognised; you may not, however, automatically associate Worcestershire with these often humble but highly distinctive buildings. Field barns and outfarms are farm...

  • 24th June 2014
Manorial Documents Register Project June 2014: The Landscape of the Manor

This month, in order to set the documents covered by the Manorial Documents Register project in context, we will look at what a manor looked like in the landscape.  This is a really brief overview, but if you wish to find out more, lots of exciting work has been done by archaeologists and historians—please do...

  • 21st June 2014
Flooding and the Historic Environment in Worcester

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service has been commissioned by English Heritage to undertake a project aimed at appraising the impact of flooding and flood mitigation on the county’s distinctive and rich historic environment and landscape character. Worcestershire is particularly vulnerable to riverine and rainwater flooding with large areas of the countryside, including numerous historic towns...

  • 19th June 2014
Upcoming new book launch event: Stories of Worcester

The first copy of the much anticipated children’s history of Worcester, “Stories of Worcester”, arrived at The Hive yesterday to the delight of staff and authors alike. Pat Hughes (front left), co-author of ‘Stories of Worcester’ and WAAS staff Claire Haslam (r-l) and Julia Pincott (r-r) who have assisted with the process of publishing the...

  • 16th June 2014
Treasures from Worcestershire’s Past: ~29~ Kidderminster’s Forgotten Potters: Finds from the DigMinster Community Excavation

This week’s Treasures, brought to you by Archaeologist Rob Hedge, were uncovered during a recent community excavation called ‘DigMinster’. The series of finds uncovered during the course of this project provide an insight into a largely forgotten chapter of Kidderminster’s industrial heritage: Last year, our archaeologists led a month-long community excavation at St Mary’s Church...