Posts from January 2016

  • 28th January 2016
Highly decorated 17th C parish register from St Mary’s, Kidderminster

Today we are looking at the artistic efforts of a 17th C Worcestershire man.  He found the most ordinary document a medium for expressing his creativity. A highly decorated page in the St Mary’s, Kidderminster parish register As family history researchers will know parish registers are a mine of information recording baptisms, marriages and burials. ...

  • 22nd January 2016
Volunteers repackage over 200 volumes for Archive Service

Thank you to my team of stunning volunteers who have worked so hard measuring, cutting, folding and stamping to produce bespoke boxes for over 200 large volumes that were previously wrapped in brown paper! Mary and Lesley placing the final boxed volumes on the shelf Working in pairs for three-hour sessions, volunteers have worked with...

  • 17th January 2016
New book on Kemerton Dig

Robin Jackson with his new book on Huntsman’s Quarry, Kemerton The earliest village we’ve found in Worcestershire is the subject of a new book by Robin Jackson, a member of staff in our Worcestershire Archaeology team. At Kemerton our archaeologists discovered evidence of settlement 3,000 years ago, not just traces of occupation, but groups of...

  • 15th January 2016
Chaplain’s Letter from the Trenches

100 years ago the Worcester Herald published a letter from the trenches sent by John MacRae, vicar of All Saints Worcester, describing life in France. John had recently gone out as a Chaplain and his letter provides an insight into daily life. Chaplains served throughout the army, and many will have heard of MacRae’s fellow...

  • 8th January 2016
New Year Resolution to start family history?

Is it your New Year Resolution to start or restart your family history? We’re the ideal place to come and begin your journey. We hold a large amount of information here. The archives and local studies library contains a vast amount of information for those with ancestors in Worcestershire, and via computer we can provide...