Posts from September 2019

  • 26th September 2019
Setting up a rescue excavation unit, 1973-75

The second in our series of memories from former County Archaeologists, marking 50 years since Worcestershire’s first was appointed. Alan Hunt succeeded James Bond and was Worcestershire’s second County Archaeologist.   I joined what is now Worcestershire Archaeology as a field officer in 1973 and became County Archaeologist in 1974. My main role was to...

  • 18th September 2019
Recording a Time Capsule – Volunteer Opportunities & Training

We need your help! The Market Gardening Heritage Project is looking for volunteers to help record fascinating stories and preserve an important chapter in the Vale of Evesham’s history. Training workshops are coming up in the next few weeks, so do get in touch if you’re interested.  Archiving a Time Capsule  One day Edgar Wheeler,...

  • 15th September 2019
Ruardean Hill Excavation Open Day

Sunday 22nd September, 10.30am – 3.30pm Another year, another community excavation for the Foresters’ Forest project. This time we’re exploring a Roman enclosure at Ruardean Hill in the Forest of Dean, which initial investigations suggest may be a small fortlet. Come along and see what we’ve discovered at the Open Day on Sunday 22nd September, when...

  • 3rd September 2019
Uncovering the Battle of Worcester

On the 3rd September 1651 the last battle of the Civil War raged in Worcester. Over 360 years later, ammunition, fixtures and fittings are coming to light from that fatal clashing of armies and beliefs. But how do you find the ephemeral archaeology of a battlefield, events of a single day in history? This is...