Posts from April 2014

  • 30th April 2014
Treasures from Worcestershire’s Past: ~23~ The Archaeology of Redditch New Town

For this week’s Treasure Emma Hancox, Historic Environment Policy and Advisory Manager, has chosen to highlight how the Historic Environment Record demonstrates the archaeology evident across Redditch New Town. Whilst Redditch is not often considered to be rich in archaeological sites, Emma shows how our records prove that the town was designed with the history of the area very...

  • 28th April 2014
Treasures from Worcestershire’s Past: ~22~ School log books

This week’s Treasure is brought to you by Dr Lisa Snook, User Services Manager. Lisa has chosen school log books and here she tells us more about the wealth of information that can be found within these volumes: School log books appear to be very unassuming, but upon reading a wealth of information can be...

  • 25th April 2014
Treasures of Worcestershire’s Past: ~21~ An Eccentric Clergyman’s Will

Newspapers can reveal all matter of interesting things and an article with the above title proved to be no exception. On searching for a trail that featured in the Berrow’s Worcester Journal, Saturday, November 24, 1888 nestled to the right hand side was a short article with the heading ‘An Eccentric Clergyman’s Will’ which caught...

  • 15th April 2014
Upcoming Exploring Archives workshops – Duck thieves and naughty pupils

Duck thieves, secreted needles, stressed teachers and missing pupils are among the stories we’ll be bringing to light in the next two workshops in our Exploring Archives series on Quarter Sessions and School Records. Quarter Sessions – Wed 14th May 10am-12pm Quarter Sessions were a court and a forerunner of the County Council. As a...

  • 9th April 2014
Opening a sealed WWI letter for the first time

Working with the county’s archives we are used to reading and handling fascinating and unique documents, but we still get a thrill from something a little unusual with a story behind it. One such moment was a couple of weeks ago, when we opened an envelope which had been sealed for almost 100 years, when...