Posts from March 2018

  • 31st March 2018
Find of the Month – March

  Archaeologists don’t look at fossils, right? Normally this is the case – palaeontology is the study of fossil animals and plants, whilst archaeology is concerned with the human past. Very occasionally though, fossils creep into the archaeological record. This month two fossilised shark teeth were found in a prehistoric pit during a site evaluation...

  • 27th March 2018
Lantern Slide Projections at The Hive

  From Friday 6th to Sunday 8th April you will be able to see projections of magic lantern slides at The Hive, from 8.30pm – 10.30pm. Large projections of these images will be cast on to the city wall and Hive windows. The slides were taken by Arthur Henry Whinfield, a Worcester resident, from all around...

  • 13th March 2018
An exciting new project

Adding a new layer: 20th century non-domestic buildings and public places in Worcestershire   The 20th century was a period of rapid industrial, economic, social, cultural and technological change. These changes, often driven and most certainly overshadowed by war, transformed the English landscape, adding another layer of complexity to England’s long history of re-invention.  ...

  • 8th March 2018
Celebrating remarkable women

  Historically, academia was seen as an exclusively male endeavour, and when a few talented women did find a way in their contributions were often overlooked. For our Lost Landscapes project, investigating the Ice Age in Worcestershire, we’ve been delving deep into the antiquarian beginnings of archaeology, geology and natural history. The more we look,...

  • 5th March 2018
A tale of two structures: ovens and wells in Medieval Evesham

  Stone structures are a tangible example of archaeology, often easy to see and appreciate. Being visible doesn’t make them any easier for the archaeologist to understand though. A lot of the time, when people see archaeological sites it can be difficult to grasp what  is going on. Archaeologists’ focus on what we call ‘features’,...

  • 1st March 2018
Whinfield Project Q&A with Redhawk Logistica

  A unique collection of magic lantern slides are the inspiration for a new art project, we’ve interviewed Rob Hewitt from Redhawk Logistica to find out more… The project is celebrating a unique collection of photographic magic lantern slides taken by a Worcester resident, Arthur Henry Whinfield. He lectured to many local folk about his...