Posts from August 2019

  • 30th August 2019
50 Years of Digging

The part of the archaeological service most people think about is the digging, although as we stress on our blog this is only part of the story and we share stories from other parts of the service. We’ll share about the Historic Environment Record soon, but thought we’d look first at the Field Section part...

  • 23rd August 2019
Autumn 2019 events

Our autumn events programme will be starting shortly. You can download our leaflet here. WAAS Events Autumn 2019 and we’ve images below. We’re repeating many of our popular workshops for helping you get started with family, house or local history. We’ll have another couple of tours too where you can come behind the scenes. There are...

  • 19th August 2019
Illustrating Archaeological Finds

There is currently a fascinating collection of pottery out on a table in one of our offices, being worked on by one of our illustrators, which is causing colleagues to pause as they walk past. However much we’re used to seeing archaeological finds we are still attracted to a display of nice pottery. As we...

  • 16th August 2019
Worcestershire Archaeology Day 2019 – Saturday 26th October

Our Archaeology Day is one of our annual highlights, as we feature different archaeological projects. We are pleased to be able to announce the first details for this year’s event so you can put it in your diary. Talks currently planned include: New Discoveries on the Battle of Worcester Site Fascinating Finds 2019 Ribbesford House,...

  • 15th August 2019
50 Years of Worcestershire County Council Archaeology

It is 50 years since Worcestershire County Council appointed an Archaeological Field Officer, James Bond, taking on responsible for aspects of archaeology in the county. At first linked to Worcestershire Museum at Hartlebury, this led to the creation of Worcestershire Archaeology, now part of Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service. Over the next 12 months we’ll...

  • 13th August 2019
What’s the point? Find of the month – August 2019

It's International Lefthanders Day. Roughly 10% of the world's population are left-hand dominant. But for how long has this been the case? There's plenty of evidence in the archaeological record to suggest that handedness runs deep in our evolutionary history.

  • 8th August 2019
Worcestershire Libraries in the Archives

Books are not only vital for education, but provide much needed recreation and mental well-being for people from all walks of life, and for many the best and easiest means of access is still through their local library. But the ease of access to books we enjoy today was not always the case and that...

  • 5th August 2019
15 Years of Who Do You Think You Are?

Can it really be 15 years since Who Do You Think You Are? hit the screens? Family history has been popular for many years, and TV has tried to use this to create a popular programme for a while, but previous efforts had failed. Partly it is because family history is usually very personal. We...