Autumn 2019 events

  • 23rd August 2019

Our autumn events programme will be starting shortly. You can download our leaflet here. WAAS Events Autumn 2019 and we’ve images below.

We’re repeating many of our popular workshops for helping you get started with family, house or local history. We’ll have another couple of tours too where you can come behind the scenes. There are also a couple of children’s activities too.

We’re also running a new workshop on reading Latin in old documents, led by one of our archivists. This is in response to a request by a local group, so we’re opening this out to others who like to come along and learn. As we’ve only 3 hours we will assume basic Latin knowledge and will focus on applying that to the manorial documents. You can book for it here .

Our Worcestershire Archaeology Day this year is on 26 October and will be here in The Hive for the first time.

You can book most of these online on The Hive website.


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