Posts from September 2015

  • 25th September 2015
Archaeology Day School 2015

Our annual Archaeology Day School will take place on Saturday 21st November 10am-5pm. There’ll be a wide range of talks from our archaeologists and from guest speakers about recent archaeological work and projects in the county. The topics covered will include: Fascinating Finds Copcutt Excavations Worcester’s Civil War Siegeworks Dig Lich St Bromsgrove High St...

  • 17th September 2015
House History

Have you ever wondered about the history of your house? How old is it? Who lived there? Or perhaps there is a local building you want to find out more about. House history is increasingly popular, and we have plenty of people come in wanting to do this and find out about their house, or...

  • 10th September 2015
Family History

Autumn is always a time when we see an increase in people coming  in and saying “I’m interested in starting my family history, where do I begin?”. You may be looking for a new activity now summer is over and  always wanted to have a go. You may be inspired by the latest series of...