House History

  • 17th September 2015

Have you ever wondered about the history of your house? How old is it? Who lived there? Or perhaps there is a local building you want to find out more about.

House history is increasingly popular, and we have plenty of people come in wanting to do this and find out about their house, or a building they are connected with. Often they are not sure where to begin so ask our advice. Even if they have done some family history research or used us for another reason we often get asked where to start looking as there are slightly different sources.

We have a workshop on Saturday 3rd October which will be able to help you. We will look at what documentary evidence is available and where to find it here. We’ll have examples of what can be discovered, and will use two examples – Great Malvern Railway Station and an ordinary semi-detached in St John’s.

The workshop runs from 10am-1pm in The Hive. It is £10 and needs to be booked in advance – the last two workshops both sold out. It can be booked online at

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