Posts from June 2016

  • 13th June 2016
Strong Rooms project: Inspiring new artistic developments through archives

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service is taking part in a very exciting regional project called Strong Rooms, linking archives with arts. Inspired by the name of the rooms in which archives are stored, Strong Rooms is a collaboration in which artists, youth groups and archivists work together to produce art which will be taken on...

  • 11th June 2016
Explore Archives – Quarter Sessions

People stealing acorns, roads needing repairs and families being removed from one parish to another are among the many stories contained within Quarter Sessions. The Quarter Sessions were both a court and a forerunner of the county council. Middling crimes which didn’t carry the death penalty were heard before it, and various county issues such...

  • 7th June 2016
Monthly Mystery: Droitwich Buried Room

The hammer pounded down once again bringing about a satisfying crack as more of the debris collapsed into the hole. “Stand back” someone called over the crowd, maybe with fear for their safety or just a hope for a better view. With a last final hit a large piece of the floor fell away leaving...

  • 1st June 2016
The 1926 General Strike evidenced through archives

  It is 90 years since Britain’s only General Strike, an event referred to in a number of archive collections held here at Worcestershire Archive Service and in the local newspapers. The strike began with the coal miners before spreading to other sectors, but only lasted nine days. Within the West Mercia Police archive (BA13870),...