Posts from February 2022

  • 24th February 2022
Absent Voter Lists Go Live

The Worcestershire Absent Voter lists have now been transcribed by our wonderful team of volunteers. Hazel, Hazel, Jennifer, and Luke have worked for many years to complete this task for us, including from home during lockdown. Part of the electoral registers, these lists are an invaluable research tool, and can now be made more widely...

  • 21st February 2022
Breaking The News

Worcestershire has a long tradition of newspapers, with arguably the world oldest newspaper in current and continuous production – Berrow’s Worcester Journal. The British Library has a new exhibition, Breaking The News, which is being currently shown in The Hive, and will tour around Libraries. To go alongside this we have created a display highlighting...

  • 19th February 2022
The Arches

The Railway Viaduct is a prominent landmark in Worcester, with 65 arches going from Foregate Street Station to the bridge which crosses the River Severn. With the transformation of these into cultural and arts venues we were asked by the Worcester News to look as the the history of them last year using the archives....

  • 14th February 2022
Valentine’s Day letter in the archives

A Valentines letter written to ‘Miss Dance’  found in the archives reveals a glimpse of a love story in the nineteenth century.   A ‘bright’, ‘fair’, ‘kind’ young lady, with ‘hazel’ hair and eyes, Miss Dance apparently attended Mrs Dunn’s party where she sat beside her Valentine at supper. While others played card games, Miss...

  • 13th February 2022
Worcestershire Radio

Local radio has had a big role in Worcestershire the past 40 years, and on World Radio Day we look at some of our connections. It also coincides with ‘The Breaking the News’ exhibition in The Hive’s Atrium featuring a national exhibition from the British Library, with a local display we’ve produced which includes local...

  • 2nd February 2022
Breaking Locks in the Archive

Have you ever wondered what archivists have to do when they come across a locked record? We share our experience of opening one of these locks.