Posts from May 2019

  • 23rd May 2019
Village Halls

We are very lucky in Worcestershire to have a diverse range of ‘Community Halls’ of different dates and character. Studying these small and rather unassuming buildings can better our understanding of communities and how they have changed. The majority of ‘Community Halls’ date from the mid-19th century onwards. Many early examples were constructed as reading...

  • 22nd May 2019
The Charles Archive: Digital archive deposited, a lasting legacy made accessible to all

The Charles Archive, held by Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service, contains thousands of individual sketches, drawings, photographs, plans, surveys and reports that relate to the c. 250 buildings, in Worcestershire, that Freddie, Mary and their team of architects, conserved and restored whilst they were in practice.   Thanks to grant funding from Historic England, the...

  • 17th May 2019
Jane Freeman, Nail Maker

In Mental Health Awareness Week we look back at the life of the Jane Freeman, nail maker, and her extraordinary resilience in the face of poverty and illness. Here at the archives, we are fortunate to hold records from Powick Hospital, formerly known as Worcester County and Lunatic Asylum, which closed its doors 30 years...

  • 17th May 2019
Exploring Archives Workshop – Poor Law

The next of our Explore Archives workshops is all about the Poor Law and Workhouses. It’s a topic that may bring to mind Oliver Twist (although certain details Dickens used were wrong) or you may remember an elderly relative. There were two times of the poor Law, old and new, and we’ll look at what...

  • 15th May 2019
Adopt a Document

There’s a way where you can both support our work and provide a gift to yourself or a friend at the same time. Our Adopt a Document scheme allows you to select and adopt a document, whilst helping with important conservation work. Keith Parsons’ son in law adopted a document on his behalf. Keith is...

  • 14th May 2019
The Charles Archive: Charles slides archive to see light of day

In 2018 Historic England funded Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service, in partnership with Worcester City Historic Environment Record, to fully catalogue the practice archive of F.W.B and Mary Charles Chartered Architects. A selection of the archive was subsequently digitally captured and the resulting images have been made publicly accessible online.  Now, in 2019, The Vernacular...