Can you help us solve a mystery?

  • 31st May 2019

We have recently received an interesting deposit and would love to find out more about the owner and whether any of his family are still in the area.

Cllr Lucy Hodgson and Adrian Gregson, Archival Collections Manager, with the book


Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service have recently received a 1941 Italian copy of Pinocchio from the Fondazione Nazionale Carlo Collodi  that originally belonged to  Doctor Arthur Geoffrey Veasey Aldridge. Known as Geoffrey, he was born in 1909 and after serving as a RAMC Captain in World War Two, he lived in Worcester and continued his medical career in various hospitals in Worcestershire, specialising in paediatrics. Dr. Aldridge regularly attended Worcester Cathedral and died in 1974. He married Priscilla Margaret (Jane) Peile in 1939 and had two sons, Nicholas and Mark.

The Royal College of Physicians website tells us that he was a keen sportsman and ornithologist and loved music, playing wind instruments including the saxophone and bassoon.

Are you related to Dr Aldridge or do you have any memories of him or his family? If so we would love for you to get in touch with us.

2 responses to “Can you help us solve a mystery?”

  1. Armando Bartolozzi says:

    I was a house physician at the Worcester Royal Infirmary in 1967 and often remember Dr G. Aldridge with great affection. I would love to get in touch with anyone who was there at that time and worked with him.

  2. Paul Hudson says:

    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately our appeal for information failed to find anyone with connections to him, so we are pleased to hear from someone who worked with him in Worcester and glad to know he was held in affection by colleagues.

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