Posts from November 2022

  • 23rd November 2022
Redditch New Town and New Jerusalems

In April 1964, Redditch was designated a New Town, to relieve post-war overcrowding in Birmingham. Here at Worcestershire Archives & Archaeology Service we have several deposits of records from Redditch Development Corporation, the authority with oversight for Redditch re-development. We also have deposits from Commission for New Towns (later English Partnerships), the body that inherited...

  • 23rd November 2022
Do you know your pays from your byuns?

If a time traveler in the Vale of Evesham were to go back 100 years or more, he/she could be forgiven for thinking that they had landed in another country. Many areas had their own dialect but that belonging to the Vale seems to have almost died out and could perhaps even be described as...

  • 11th November 2022
And When Did You Last See Your Father?

At this time of year, like many of us I’m sure, I look back and review the year. The best and the worst bits, the excitement and the woe, the good days and the times perhaps you’d rather forget. Whilst this year has been a good one for all sorts of reasons, the hardest event...