Posts from November 2017

  • 3rd November 2017
Worcestershire & the Gunpowder Plot

Have you been enjoying the TV series Gunpowder on a Saturday night? Worcestershire people played a key role in the Gunpowder Plot, and this was where the plotters fled to after it all went wrong in an attempt to raise a rebellion. One of the plotters was Robert Wintour of Huddington Court, here in Worcestershire....

  • 1st November 2017
Find of the Month – October 2017

  During the early medieval period someone made several doughnut shaped rings of fired clay. Sometime later, these were placed in a pit. Around 1000 years later we excavated the same pit and found two whole and one fragmented ceramic rings. October’s find of the month are loom weights from one of our ongoing excavations...