Frequently asked questions

What file format and size are the files?
The files are supplied in uncompressed, 300ppi, jpeg file format. This provides a high-quality image file than can be up to 200MB in size depending on the physical size of the original document.

Can I get files in other formats and sizes?
Yes. Please contact the Digitisation team to discuss your requirements.

Can you provide images of documents from your archives not on display here?
Yes, the images you see here represent only a very small part of our collections and it is possible to order copies from our other collections. If you already have a reference number for the item you would like to copy please contact the Digitisation team. If you need help to identify the item please search our collections catalogues and lists or contact the Archive Enquiry Team. Please note that there may be a charge for this service.

Why do your images have Explore the Past imprinted on them?
This is our watermark for display images and will not appear on purchased images.

How will I receive the images I purchase?
You will be supplied with a link which will enable you to download your purchase. Items will be available to download via that link for 7 days.

Can I receive the files in by a method other than on-line download?
Yes. Please contact us and let us know what image you would like and how you would like us to supply it.

For how long can I keep the files?
Any purchases are yours to keep for as long as you wish. We recommend you make safety copies of the files as any lost or damaged files will not be replaced without incurring the full image supply charge.

Can I use the files for any purpose I choose?
The files are supplied for personal use only which includes research and study. If copies are required for publication, public display, or commercial activity of any kind then please contact the Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service for further advice and see our list of fees and charges for use of archives.