The Body on the Bromyard Line

Explore the story behind the human skeleton found buried within an embankment of the Worcester, Bromyard and Leominster Railway line in 2021, close to Riverlands Farm in Leigh, to the west of Worcester.  Built in the 1860s, the line eventually closed in the 1960s, and by 2021 all that remained was the earthwork of the former embankment that took a narrow lane up and over the railway.

Bromyard body - section through railway embankment

Section through railway embankment showing position of the skeleton.

Usually, the discovery of human remains is part of an organised archaeological dig.  The presence of archaeology is known, or suspected, and the archaeologists are sent in before a development occurs.  Occasionally, however, the discovery is entirely unexpected. Graves left undisturbed for centuries, even millennia, long forgotten and found again by accident.

You can read full story of how the skeleton was found, and what we have learnt through the archaeological excavation, scientific analyses and documentary research in our blog mini-series.

Blog 1: The Discovery

Blog 2: The Osteological Analysis

Blog 3: The Isotope Results

Blog 4: The Research

Blog 5: Can you help?

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