The New Jerusalems: post-war New Town archives in Britain and Ireland

About the project

Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service has secured funding to catalogue and make accessible archives that tell the story of Redditch’s development into a New Town. We will also be cataloguing Cwmbran New Town archives held at Archifau Gwent (Gwent Archives).

Funding for the New Jerusalems project has been provided by The Wellcome Trust. The overarching project website can be found here: New Jerusalems.

Our partners

We are partnering with eight organisations brought together through the Association of New Towns Archives and Museums. New Town archives included in the project are: Basildon, Bracknell, Crawley, Cwmbran, Newton Aycliffe, Peterlee, Redditch, Runcorn, Shannon, Stevenage and Warrington.

The Redditch and Cwmbran elements include cataloguing archives and retro-converting catalogues that so far, have only been available in hardcopy format. We will add the itemised listings to online catalogues, thus providing global access for researchers. Archives will be preserved and conserved where necessary, as part of the process.

Cataloguing Redditch New Town Archives

Archive collections have been deposited by Redditch Development Corporation, Commission for New Towns and English Partnerships over the years. We are very keen to show off items that have captivated us. These include plans, promotional material, reports, construction trials and photos. We have also been intrigued by a selection of public enquiry files, demonstrating the impact of the development and how difficult this period of change was for some.

Commission for the New Towns. Redditch Some Facts and Figures Leaflet. c.1970. BA14226/27/4

Commission for the New Towns. Redditch Some Facts and Figures Leaflet. c.1970. BA14226/27/4

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More information about the project can be found at New Jerusalems.

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