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  • 18th December 2012
Robin Breakfast Club

At Christmas time there are often charity appeals to help those less fortunate, and a newly catalogued collection at Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service gives a fascinating glimpse into what our Victorian and Edwardian ancestors did. The Guild of the Good Shepherd was comprised of members of the Unitarian’s New Meeting House, Kidderminster. Their aim...

  • 11th December 2012
Find Your Place in Local History classes

Are you interested in researching the history of your town, village, house, school, church or local industry? We will be running the popular Find Your Place in Local History class next year after a break for a couple of years for our move. Led by Dr Pat Hughes, the group will meet in the Explore...

  • 8th December 2012
Vote for us in the Archive of the Year Awards 2013

Are you impressed with our new facilities at The Hive? Are you pleased with the assistance you have received and would like to acknowledge a job well done? Voting is now open for the Archive of the Year Awards 2013, run by the Your Family History magazine and we would be thrilled to be nominated....

  • 5th December 2012
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Things are starting to get festive at The Hive in preparation for the rapidly approaching holiday season and our staff are entering into the spirit The main atrium now features a whopping 16ft Christmas tree to greet you as you enter: The Hive Christmas tree Are you struggling for original gift ideas? The Explore the Past...

  • 26th November 2012
How well do you know your tackle?

Would you be able to tell us what any of the following are? Brown Hackle Peacock Bloody Mary Green Midge Golden Pheasant Jenny Spinner Orange Otter Red Furnace Yellow Peril Colonel Dowman’s Fancy Cowdung Treacle Parkin Turkey Tip Welsh Partridge Imperial Fly Yellow Sally Infallible Bloody Doctor Sound familiar? They are actually all different types...

  • 15th November 2012
Public Services Quality Group Survey of visitors to UK archives 2012

Do you wish to feedback comments about the archive service at The Hive? Now is your opportunity to contribute to the development of our future service provision… From Monday 19th to Sunday 25th November we will be asking for your thoughts on the Archive Service at The Hive. The results will be analysed and, where...