Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The shelves are filling fast at The Hive

The removal men really are doing a great job in shifting the thousands of boxes we have to move to The Hive. We are very grateful to them - especially as they don't seem to get fed up when we change our minds and ask them to move the items to a different strongroom (several times over!). Here are some of the latest photographs:

The main corridor which houses six of our seven strongrooms. The seventh is on the second floor, holding our most frequently accessed material:

Our removal men at work:

Come back soon as our next post will be the final instalment of our Photographic Tour of The Hive!

Friday, 24 February 2012

A photographic tour of The Hive... Part 3

We're here again to show you some more images from inside The Hive. This time we're looking at the different areas of the library.

The library shelves are all installed ready, awaiting the arrival of the book stock from the city library, University library and the History Centre.


There will be places to relax and read: 

And desks to study, inclusive of stunning views of the Malverns:

 There is a break out area to sit and have a drink or a snack when you need a rest from working (or playing!):

The children's library area is a colourful and inviting place for young visitors to The Hive:

We'll bring you some more photographs soon.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Life in the midst of a move

We're on our way!

Hello and apologies that we have been away for a while, things have been very hectic here lately. We are now into the second week of physically moving our collections to The Hive and we are already ahead of schedule. We have removal men working with us everyday, and they are working tirelessly to carefully move everything to the new strongrooms. Staff are now dedicating all of their time to supervising the move and making sure we keep track of every box; along with finishing up labelling all of the remaining shelves at County Hall branch so they are ready to move. We are now providing a very limited enquiry service as we no longer have access to the collections whilst they are in transit. You can find out more about our enquiry service for the next few months here.

Here are some photographs of our move so far:

We were in danger of being boxed in for a while:

Our boxes are being carefully packed into large crates for transport

Our searchroom looks very different these days!

Parts of the strongroom are starting to empty now: 

It took four strong removal men to move our largest map!

 We'll be back soon with more updates from our move.

Monday, 6 February 2012

A photographic tour of The Hive... no. 2

Today we continue our tour of The Hive, bringing you photographs of the new workspace for the Archive and Archaeology Service:

Our new searchroom desk is almost ready to receive the first enquirers at our new service!

Our new original document searchroom, for consulting all of our original archives, is set out in an L-shape, as you can see below:

Opposite our reception desk we have an area where users will be able to consult our indexes and paper catalogues. This area is surrounded by glass cabinets, which will be used to display items to reflect the services within The Hive:

Our new searchroom desks have lights to assist users where needed, and sockets at each table to allow for any laptops to be plugged in:

We have a new table area dedicated to researchers who need to look at maps:

Another view of the searchroom, facing towards our desk:

Our Local Studies Library will have a new home here:

And users will be able to access our microfilm sources throughout the entire day, thanks to our self service area. This is where the microfilm readers will be placed:

We're all really impressed with what we have seen so far, what do you think of our new facilities?

We'll be back soon with some more photos from our tours around The Hive.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

A photographic tour of The Hive... no.1

 This week we have begun our staff induction tours at The Hive, which are a chance for staff to see where they will be working soon. We have been taking lots of photographs so we can show you a sneak peek of what it looks like! As there are so many we will split them into several posts, the first being some general shots of the building. 


We'll be back soon with some photos of the History floor - the new home of the Archive and Archaeology Service!