Life in the midst of a move

  • 17th February 2012

We’re on our way!

Hello and apologies that we have been away for a while, things have been very hectic here lately. We are now into the second week of physically moving our collections to The Hive and we are already ahead of schedule. We have removal men working with us everyday, and they are working tirelessly to carefully move everything to the new strongrooms. Staff are now dedicating all of their time to supervising the move and making sure we keep track of every box; along with finishing up labelling all of the remaining shelves at County Hall branch so they are ready to move. We are now providing a very limited enquiry service as we no longer have access to the collections whilst they are in transit. You can find out more about our enquiry service for the next few months here.

Here are some photographs of our move so far:

We were in danger of being boxed in for a while:

Our boxes are being carefully packed into large crates for transport

Our searchroom looks very different these days!

Parts of the strongroom are starting to empty now: 

It took four strong removal men to move our largest map!

 We’ll be back soon with more updates from our move.

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