Our last annual stocktaking session at the History Centre

  • 17th November 2011

The last ever stocktaking at the History Centre took place on the 7th and 8th November. This is an annual event which gives staff a chance to catch up on work which will help to improve the service we provide to the public. This year our main focus was to prepare our library stock for the move to the Hive and to work on our ongoing parish register microfilm project.

Staff at the Worcestershire History Centre during stocktaking

The local study library books at the History Centre had to be prepared with security tagging compatible with the system that will be in operation at the Hive (this system is known as RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tagging). Working in teams the staff had to remove every book from the shelves, tag them, enter them on the computer system and then replace them back on the shelves.

Staff adding RFID tags to the History Centre book stock

The staff swapped around every few hours and worked on the parish register microfilm work. This work began last year and has involved the checking of 700 microfilms to make sure that all the labels give the correct details of what can be found on each film. During this stocktaking period old labels were removed and replaced with new labels; queries were sorted and broken boxes were replaced.

Staff working on the parish register microfilms

We’ve crammed a lot into our two days of stocktaking but some of the jobs will still be ongoing until we move to the Hive as there’s a lot to do. We hope to have the books ready by January and the last 200 films will be ready when our new searchroom opens in July 2012.

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