Holding History – Monday 15 August

  • 10th August 2016

Come along to The Hive this August and experience history first hand with us.

On Monday 15 August from 11am-2pm, you will have the opportunity to hold items from the archives collections. History is not just about reading documents, these are real items with fascinating stories, and holding these helps connect people to the past.

  Seal of Elizabeth I

As many of you know we have over 12 miles of archives on the shelves but people only usually encounter items they’ve ordered, so we have organised a selection of items to bring out:

  • ·         Discover the stories in the archives.
  • ·         Examine a Great Seal and find important clues about how a monarch wished to be seen by her subjects.
  • ·         Handle pottery and other finds from the Lich Street dig.
  • ·         Find out if your street existed in Worcester in 1886.
  • ·         A set of teeth! Find out the intriguing reason they can be found in the archives.
  • ·         Have a go at cleaning old documents under supervision from our conservator.
  •   False teeth – what are they doing in the archives???

    People use what we have in many ways, and people can be inspired when coming face to face with the real thing. There will also be activities for children. The event is free, so just drop in on the day.

    Angie Downton, Senior Archive Assistant, said: “We have a wealth of fascinating items, and there is nothing quite like holding history in your hands, it captures your imagination. This is a great opportunity for people to come and experience what we have to offer.”

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