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  • 19th December 2018

** Please note that on 9 Jan we reached our number of volunteers. However Lucy has a waiting list for if anyone drops out**


Would you like to help with research about the River Severn for a major project? Would you like to find out more about using archives?

As part of the Unlocking the Severn Project we are running a 6 part workshop series, running fortnightly in The Hive on the following dates

Wed 23 Jan, 6 Feb, 20 Feb, 6 March, 20 March, 3 April 2-4pm

The first couple of sessions will focus on introducing you to the using the archives and the many different sources we hold. Then during the other weeks we’ll be looking at some of the key sources in more depth and giving plenty of time to encouraging you to look up and search yourself with support from staff. Whether you have never used the resources here but would like to learn about the archives, or if you are familiar with the archives but would like to contribute to a research project along with other people, you will be very welcome.

The River Severn plays an important part in Worcestershire’s history and also culturally. It was important for trade and communication, and then more recently for leisure. The research will be used as part of exhibitions and displays during the lifecycle of the project.

River Severn frozen at Bewdley. The story behind this can be found at

The Unlocking the Severn project is a large project involving many partners, and aims to reconnect millions of people with their natural and cultural heritage. One aim is to reopen the entire River Severn and lower River Teme for all fish species, especially species like the Shad, common on the Severn in the past but they declined due to increase in weirs and other barriers. There are lots of other activities taking place over the next couple of years looking at the history of the river and river side and the natural environment. There is a wealth of information within the archives in Worcester, Gloucester and Shrewsbury, and they want to make sure that the stories they contain can be made accessible to people.

If you are interested in taking part please email Lucy Newton , who is co-ordinating the volunteers and will add you to our list, or go to their website to sign up.

Floods in Worcester, part of the county’s story

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