Win-Win Collaboration between WAAS Conservation and George Marshall Medical Museum

  • 16th December 2018

Rhonda, our Conservator, has recently finished working on a Surgeons Case Book from 1870, belonging to the George Marshall Medical Museum which we hope will be the first of many in collaboration with museum curator, Louise Price.

Louise has recently set up an ‘Adopt a Book’ scheme encouraging supporters to contribute to the cost of conservation treatment for volumes within the collection. These volumes are unusable in their current condition with covers detached, bindings damaged and/or sewing falling apart.  Without conservation treatment, such volumes are unavailable to researchers as the risk of causing further damage is significant.

With no conservation facilities at the George Marshall Medical Museum, Louise approached us here at The Hive to ask if Rhonda would carry out the necessary conservation treatment, allowing the volumes to become accessible to researchers again. Our first joint venture was a Surgeons Case Book from 1870, detailing operations carried out at Worcester Infirmary.

Curator of the George Marshall Medical Museum Louise Price examines the volume following conservation treatment

Louise said it was amazing to see the volume back in one piece again and she is looking forward to sharing it with the Adopter.

Carrying out commercial conservation work for people and organisations outside the archives means that extra money can be returned to the service, presenting a ‘win-win’ situation. In addition, we have our own ‘Adopt a Document’ scheme here at WAAS.  For £20 you can choose from our list of adoptable documents, or choose your own favourite document to adopt for £200.  All money raised is used to support our ongoing work to conserve Worcestershire’s archives and ensure they are preserved and accessible for many years to come.

To choose from a list and Adopt a Document click here

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