Battle of Worcester Discoveries – Worcestershire Archaeology Day 2019

  • 5th October 2019

On 3rd September this year, 368 years to the day of the Battle of Worcester, we were part of a publicity day informing the media about the discoveries we’d made as part of the Southern Link Road Project with Alun Griffiths’ construction team. We showed off some of the finds, including Civil War musket shots from the battle, some showing signs of impact, powder charge caps, buckles and other objects. As well as being picked up by local TV and radio we were featured in The Guardian, The Sun, The Daily Mail, specialist journals across the world and the Newsround pages on the BBC website. You can read more about what we found on our blog.

This amazing site will be one of the talks at our Worcestershire Archaeology Day on 26th October, when we’ll be sharing more about what we’ve discovered, including how we managed to date the different levels.

Talks will include:

  • New Discoveries on the Battle of Worcester Site
  • Fascinating Finds 2019
  • Ribbesford House, near Bewdley
  • 20th Century Buildings Project
  • Digging for the old pipe kiln in Cripplegate Park
  • Croome Before Capability Brown
  • Market Gardening & Hovels in the Vale of Evesham
Artefacts from the Battle of Worcester

Clockwise from top left: Lead shot from a carbine (left) and musket (right), powder charge caps, harness fittings and a buckle.


The event will be here in The Hive for the first time instead of Worcester University. Increasing costs made it unfeasible to be there again, and level 0 in the Hive is now being used more and more for big events so we are able to host the event in our ‘home’.

We will be on level 0, where we held the Archive day last November, the week after the Archaeology Day, so some of you have already been here. Tea and coffee will be provided by the café there too, so there will be a lot less moving about at the breaks. Although not a lecture theatre it does have an audio-visual system and is used for events including talks by the university.

To avoid clashes with similar events we will be running it on Saturday 26 October, a couple of weeks earlier than usual.

Local societies will be bringing displays as usual.

The cost will be £20, a reduction on last year’s price as we have been able to reduce costs which we want to pass on.

You can book your place online via

Or fill in this ApplicationForm and return to us.

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