Can You Help? Photos and Stories wanted

  • 26th August 2020

Have you stories and photos which we can add to the archives to help tell the story of the effect of the pandemic here in Worcestershire?

In May we launched the Worcestershire Coronavirus Project, in partnership with Museums Worcestershire. It is a significant time for everyone, and it is important that it is recorded for the future, so that the experience of people around the county can be kept for the future. We know from experience that people come to us to find out about key moments of the past, and we’d like your help to make the record as wide as possible.

We’ve already had a good response, as has the Museum. Photos of rainbow posters, signs in shops and parks, and visiting hairdressers have come in.

One of the many rainbow posters in windows, this one is now captured for the archives.

We’re now making another request for photos and stories. These may be of the initial lockdown, as everything was changing, or the gaps on shelves. We know lots of people took photos on their phones, and we’d love to see those if possible.

These may also be of the recent period. Now things are changing and we’re getting used to a ‘new normal’ as shops, pubs, schools, business and other places are reopening, you may have photos which reflect the ways businesses have adapted, or what you have experienced as we have started going out more.

We’d also love to hear stories of what has happened. How did your place of work adapt? Are you a business owner, perhaps a café owner, who has had to change how you operated? Are you a volunteer for a charity who has been helping out, or did you volunteer as part of one of the appeals for extra help? Did a clubs or society you are part of manage to keep contact, perhaps hosting one of the many quizzes which took place? What happened in your local community, how did people respond? We’d love to hear these stories, including the ‘ordinary’, to ensure they’re recorded for the future. If you need help we have forms you can fill in and send back to us.

Getting your hair cut is a very different experience now!

For all contributions we will be in touch so we can ensure we have your permission for keeping these and you know what is happening with them.

If you can help please email us on

Museums Worcestershire is also looking for objects which can tell the county’s story. Email them on

Thanks for your help

The play area at Worcester Woods was shut for several weeks

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