‘Redditch Military Service Tribunals’ Project – webinar event

  • 18th February 2021

We are pleased to announce a free webinar event to introduce the work of our National Lottery Heritage funded project the ‘Redditch Military Service Tribunal Project’ which forms the last of our Worcestershire World War 100 projects. The webinar will take place on Tuesday 2nd March 2020 from 7pm lasting about 1 hour.

Redditch Military Tribunal cover

Cover of a volume from the local tribunals

After the initial surge of interest in 1914, the numbers of men volunteering to fight in World War I dropped. The Derby Scheme of 1915 listed all the men who were both willing and eligible to fight, and in 1916 conscription was introduced to ‘call-up’ all men between 18 and 41 to fight. For those who could not fight due to their health, obligations, employment or beliefs the Military Service Tribunals were established to hear their cases and provide exemptions from conscription. Records of these tribunal were largely destroyed in 1921, but in Worcestershire, Redditch kept its registers of application and some correspondence in the archive of Redditch Urban District Council.

Since early 2020, volunteers for our National Lottery Heritage funded ‘Redditch Military Service Tribunal Project’, have been transcribing these registers as well as researching the men who applied for exemption both under the Derby Scheme and later Military Service Tribunals between 1915 and 1918.


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To introduce the work of this project we are pleased to announce a free webinar, taking place on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 from 7pm for about 1 hour. It will include a short talk about the Military Service Tribunals by Professor John Peters, Director of Learning, Teaching & Scholarship at Newman University, Birmingham as well as allow us to introduce the resources we have produced from the Redditch records, we will also hear from one of our volunteers.

If you would like to attend, please register below using the link to our Eventbrite page.


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