Family History Webinars

  • 30th May 2021

Our Family History Website webinars in lockdown were incredibly popular, with over 8 fully booked sessions earlier in the year and over 350 attending online. We were impressed at the level of interest, as lots of you were keen to begin or restart looking into your family history with the help from being able to access Ancestry and Find My Past at home. From feedback we know that lots of you made a good start.

Many people are keen to trace their family tree but it can be hard knowing where to start and what the different sources mean.

We are running some more next month, but focusing on the sources rather than the website, although we will still be explaining where and how to search. These will be £5 per session. We are offering daytime and evening times so hopefully one of these will be convenient.


They will be led by Paul, our Outreach manager, who has been leading Family History workshops for 20 years as well as doing his own. The workshops are based on the experience of him and his colleagues, including helping the many people who come to visit us (when we can have visitors!) and the questions we get asked.

Starting Family History Part 1 will look at the three main sources for starting Family History, as well key tips for preparing yourself and where to look online and how to search.
Thursday 17 June 2pm
Thursday 1 July 7:30pm

Starting Family History Part 2 will look at some of the next sources to look at, such as wills, school records, trade directories and military records.
Thursday 24 June 2pm
Thursday 8 July 7:30pm

Participants will also be able to ask questions at the end of the sessions, and also email us with questions.

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