Find Of The Month – June 2021

  • 16th July 2021

Find Of The Month is actually finds of the month

Two polished stone axe heads found on the same site

On one of our regular sites in Staffordshire, our archaeologists found not just one, but two Neolithic polished stone axe heads.

It is not that common to find one on a site, so finding two is pretty remarkable.  Both found within 60 metres of each other one from a burnt mound the other from a Roman field boundary ditch.

These wonderful examples of axe heads have us all excited, not least is one of our finds specialists who kindly took the time to explain more about the finds and the journey they’ve been on, how they were likely to have been manufactured and what they might have meant to the owners.

Over to you, Rob Hedge…

(appologies for the sound quality in the middle)

Neolithic Polished stone Axe Head

One found in a Roman ditch

Neolithic Polished Axe Head

Neolithic Polished Axe Head

One found in a burnt mound

Neolithic Polished Axe Head

Neolithic Polished Axe Head

In summary

What incredible finds themselves, but both on the same site within 60m of each other is pretty remarkable. Considering the work that went into manufacturing them and the distance at least one may have travelled, no wonder they were held with a certan reverence or mark of high status.

Thanks for the background information, Rob, and what nice finds for our archaeology team.


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