Getting to know us… Part 1

  • 3rd October 2011

Welcome finally to our brand new blog. Before we get started we thought we should introduce you to our staff. They may pop up from time to time on here so it’s only polite we tell you who they all are. These are the people who work hard to deliver a fantastic service at the Record Office, and will be working even harder to ensure our move to the Hive is smooth and succesful!

(From left to right): Su, Outreach Assistant: Loves wearing purple and red and can’t walk past a stationery shop without a quick look!

Faye, Archives Assistant: Enjoy horse-riding – mainly dressage and the occasional ‘graceful dismount’! and practising her Spanish.

Jill, Admin Assistant: Love my cats Sweep and Pebble and our adopted feral stray, holidays especially Florida (a subject I can bore for Britain on, most staff will agree), want to visit my brother in Australia when I can afford the flight and the time to go! Coffee and Chocolate are a perfect combination.

Charlene, Archivist (Customer Services and Outreach): Appears to be developing a slight obsession with nail varnish and currently has 48 different colours!

Alan, General Assistant: A real “Mr Fix-It” who loves tinkering with motorbikes and cars and spending time with my grandson.

Paul, Archives Assistant: A history addict who loves dressing up and relishes photo opportunities. Never to be seen without a cup of tea in my hand.

Helen, Archives Assistant: Spends most of my time living in the past though enjoys the comforts of the 21st century.

We’ll be back soon with more staff introductions.

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