Getting to know us… Part 2

  • 5th October 2011

Here’s the second installment of our staff introductions:


(From left to right): Chris, Archives Assistant: Love wearing earrings, eating chocolate – the darker the better and shoes especially my Jimmy Choos but not during work time!

Vicky, Archivist: I love my family, day trips, picnics, painting, drawing, chocolate and reading.

(From left to right): Jonathan, Microfilming/Digitising Assistant: Keen cyclist, photographer, cook and OU student (currently astrophysics)…usually mixing several things at once!

Kat, Archivist: Loves cats, hates cows, and couldn’t tell you what my natural hair colour is. Is an enthusiastic but terrible dancer.

Fran, Senior Archives Assistant: Love gardening and my dog Dale. Soon to be a Granny for the first time…very excited!!

Claire, Archives Assistant: Addicted to coffee, QVC and Zumba with friends!!

Tom, Archives Assistant: Enjoy playing rackets, real tennis, squash, guitar and drums. Any obscure and unpopular sport, movie or band and I’m there.

Maggie, Head of Repository (County Hall branch): Love detective fiction, ‘pop’ music, Sci fi films and progs, watching Dr Who with my son, knitting, chocolate and Drucker’s lemon cheesecake.

Come back soon for the next installment!

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