Getting to know us… Part 3

  • 11th October 2011

(From left to right): Adrian, Project Officer: A ‘warrior’ of the old school. Enjoys a good rioja and crossword, sitting in the sun.

Julia, Archives Assistant: Very slightly addicted to charity shops.

(From left to right): Carol, Archives Assistant: Loves cycling and touring the youth hostels of Britain in the search for yet another dainty tea set.

Elaine, Records and Information Services Manager: Passionate about chilli and chocolate peanuts, dancing to reggae music and drinking Pimms with friends under the stars

Angie, Senior Archives Assistant: Belly Dancer (not cabaret, but Gypsy style) any excuse to dress up!!

Bethany, Archives Assistant: Also a coffee addict, am becoming a bit obsessed with my new Kindle, and miss my aging Chocolate Labrador, Xena (left behind in the States), very much!

Lisa, Archives Manager: Loves travel,  Strictly Come Dancing, meeting with friends and cake.

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