And the rest is history…

  • 12th July 2012

Regular visitors to this blog may have noticed that it has undergone a slight change, as we have relaunched the blog with the new name ‘Explore the Past’.

The original blog ‘Worcestershire Archives on the Move’ was designed to inform our users of our progress throughout the move of the Record Office and History Centre to our new premises at The Hive. We have loved hearing your feedback on this blog over the last 10 months and it is great to know that many people have enjoyed finding out about our work via this new medium.

Whilst the blog was originally intended to run only up to the time of our reopening, we have decided that we will continue to run it in the future as a way for our users to keep up-to-date with news, activities, events and developments from the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service. We will carry on giving you glimpses of our work behind-the-scenes, and hope that you will continue to enjoy the light-hearted view into our world.

As the blog now represents both the Archive and the Archaeology aspect of our service, we have chosen a name that covers both areas. ‘Explore the Past’ is the name of the floor we occupy at The Hive (as using our huge range of resources allows you to do just that!), so we felt it was a fitting title here too.

We hope you will stay with us as we enter this new phase, and as always please get in touch if you have ideas of features you would like to see on the blog in the future.

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