Explore Your Archive: A letter sent from RMS Titanic

  • 20th November 2013

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service holds archives that can shed light on national and international events.  This letter was written on board RMS Titanic by Frank Millett, an American painter, sculpter and writer and sent to Alfred Parsons, a painter and illustrator, who lived in Broadway, Worcestershire. In the letter Millett describes the ship..

 ‘As for the rooms they are larger than the ordinary hotel room and much more luxurious with wooden bedsteads, dressing tables, hot and cold water, etc., etc., electric fans, electric heater and all. The suites with their damask hangings and mahogany oak furniture are really very sumptuous and tasteful… You can have no idea of the spaciousness of this ship and the extent and size of the decks.’

 and the passengers..

 ‘Queer lot of people on the ship.’

 A snippet of the Titanic letter held in Worcestershire Archives

The Titanic struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage in April 1912, Frank Millett lost his life in the tragedy. This document is held at reference number x705:1235 BA 11302.

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