Our new Christmas shop stock has arrived at The Hive

  • 15th November 2013

 A selection of the items available to purchase at The Hive

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service is once again offering visitors to The Hive the chance to pick up unique items for those looking for that extra special gift this Christmas. After proving a popular destination for people seeking something a little different, we have once again stocked up on a wide variety of heritage themed jewellery, pottery, books, DVDs and CDs. We specialise in items that have been lovingly produced by suppliers with a particular focus on replicas of original historical objects. Whether you are buying for a history buff or a jewellery lover; or just fancy something a bit different, there is something for everyone. Pop along to Level 2 at The Hive to see what’s on offer and don’t forget to check the selection of publications available in our online store at

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