A Medieval Medical Text Book from Worcester Cathedral Library

  • 10th December 2013

Today we bring you an item held at Worcester Cathedral Library, which has been carefully digitised by the Digitisation team at Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service.

This is a medieval medical text book compiled in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. The first part contains three Latin translations of Arabic medical texts. They were translated by Gerard of Cremona. There then follows another Latin medical text: Nicholas’ Antidotes. The manuscript was written by scribes using French protogothic bookhands and has some beautiful initials. The binding is partly original, but was also partly restored in 1931. 

Photograph by the WAAS Digitisation Service. Reproduced by permission of the Chapter of Worcester Cathedral (U.K.)

This is just one of the many items reproduced by our Digitisation team – find out more about their work here or see our website for more details.

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