Uniquely Unicorns craft activity – 12th August at The Hive

  • 7th August 2014

Dragons, Wyverns, Unicorns and Mermen are some of the strange mythical creatures we have in our collections, on documents, inside books, and on tiles we’ve discovered.

Salwarpe purse (13th/14th century) – featured in Worcestershire Treasures

Mythical creatures are at the centre of this year’s Summer Reading Challenge in libraries, which is entitled Mythical maze. As part of this we are working with the library in The Hive to offer a free craft workshop on Tuesday 12 August at 10am. We will show the children some of the strange creatures we have discovered, as well as showing a medieval tile we dug up at The Commandery, which is now cared for by Museums Worcestershire. Children will then be able to design and create their own tile with whatever creature they would like.

 Medieval tile we found during excavations at The Commandery, now cared for by Museums Worcestershire

The activity is free and begins at 10am in the Children’s Library in The Hive.

The Summer Reading Challenge runs across all Worcestershire’s Libraries, including The Hive, and runs until the 20 September.

Dragon on a document of Edward VI

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