Visit up British Camp to help school explore the past

  • 24th April 2015

As we have mentioned previously here on our blog, Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service has been helping a number of schools after the recent inclusion of Prehistory in the National Curriculum. With one school, Cradley primary, we were able to take advantage of their location to get out of the classroom and go up a significant historic monument on their doorstep.

Cradley Primary School’s classroom for the day, learning more about Prehistory at British Camp

. Justin Hughes, one of our community archaeologists, went into the school to run a session using replica artefacts to explain the changes between the different periods, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron Age. This allowed the children to get hands on and understand how tools and technology changed, as well as finding out how archaeologists can interpret the clues which they discover. He also brought along a reproduction drawing created from the evidence our archaeologists have found locally to show the class. 

Justin getting hands on with some replica artefacts in class

. For our second session with the school we went out to British Camp in the Malvern Hills to explore the amazing Iron Age hillfort, only a short distance from the school. This enabled the children to understand both the defences and possible remains of roundhouses, which it can be easy to walk past if you are not looking for them.

The view from British Camp

Justin said, “We had a couple of great sessions with the children. It can be a difficult period to understand, but by using reproduction tools, reconstruction drawings and going up an Iron Age hillfort we can help them get a picture of what life would have been like here during those periods. Going up on to British Camp and recognising the archaeological clues gave them a great sense of how we can discover the past through visible archaeological remains. They also enjoyed getting outside and exploring the site”.

The children enjoyed having the chance to get out and explore the archaeology of their local area

If you would like to talk to us about what our Learning and Outreach team can do with your school please email or phone 01905 766352.

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