Explore Your Archive: A Day at the Archives

  • 23rd November 2016

Our Learning and Outreach team have been busy giving a behind the scenes tour as part of Explore Your Archive week. For those not able to undertake the tour, here is an idea of some of the things that happen on a day at the archives

Our Conservator has been working on some 1853 Quarter Sessions parchment documents that have been damp and as a result the parchment has reacted with itself to form adhesive (animal hide glue), sticking the pages together. She has been gently moistening the parchment to re-activate the ‘adhesive’ which allows the pages to be separated page by page.  The documents are very dirty and rather whiffy when the moisture reacts with the parchment.

Conserving Quarter Sessions documents


Our Digitisation Team are working on digitising some Ordnance Survey Plans from the planning department. They undertake professional digitisation work for both internal and external customers


 ? Working on digitizing maps in our dark room

We have also been preparing information for our blog posts!




Preparing for #autoarchives



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